Sports Car GT

Sports Car GT 1.0

Puts you in the driver's seat of some of the fastest cars in the world
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Drive the exotic Panoz GTR around some of the world's most famous tracks like Laguna Seca and Sebring. Work your up through the ranks by starting off in our GTQ league where you can compete against other drivers to see if you are good enough to qualify for GT3.

Move up to GT1 and drive cars like the Mercedes CLK and McLaren F1. Win a GT1 season and take a chance at the ultra World GT league. Only the best drivers race in this endurance league.

Throughout your career you earn money with which you can upgrade your current car or save up to buy the one you have always dreamed of. Take your cars online to go up against all of your friends favorite cars.

Sports Car GT is the most riveting and addicting racing game ever made, featuring state of the graphics, and the most realistic physics model ever created for a racing sim. Don't take it from us, check out what these folks have to say about it:

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